Fifty Word Challenge #69: Portrayal

See TV poster/Wikipedia

The last time I got addicted to a box set it was This Is Us – six seasons in. My life came to a standstill. I promised myself not to show any interest in a series with more than two seasons again.

So delighted to find See – only two seasons strong.

Many thanks to Melissa R. Mendelson for the latest challenging thrifty challenge.


But it’s probably somewhere between six and sixteen

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

The Prime Minister of that izitme rock in the middle of the North Sea known as Britoss last night admitted with some corniption that he had lost count of how many children he had fathered.

The flendipitus admission came just before the birth of his latest child — a daughter…

Marla Bishop

Londoner, philosophy graduate, journalist, relationship coach, wife & mother. MA in Novel Writing; working on 1st novel. Follow me: https://linktr.ee/Marla

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