Blowing hot and cold; but mostly cold

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Now that we live in a global village, it’s become much harder to describe even definite things like seasons as fixed and immutable. For some people, winters never get that cold; for others, they’re freezing.

We got a lovely mix of stories on our winter topic this week. Here they are, roughly in order of receipt.

Jonica Bradley gets caught up in changes in Texas weather patterns

Wistful writer finds similarities between the hormones of women and the weather

Julie Ranson on the joys of snow days

Fred Ermlich remembers his hottest winter

GB Rogut has all she needs to keep…


Thrifty Words Theme Challenge #20: Winter

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A relative posted a video of his kids tobogganing down a snow-drenched hill this morning. I was warm and toasty in my bed, but watching it, I immediately began to feel the cold.

Another friend joined our zoom lunchtime group, sitting outdoors in her swimsuit with a daiquiri in hand. “It’s so lovely here in Tenerife, she smirked.

What’s it like where you are, today? I know those of us currently in the northern hemisphere are freezing our proverbials off, with temperatures here in the UK ranging from -2°C to 0°C. Brrrrrr!

About eight years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would do everything in my power to spend at least part of the winter months in sunnier climes. And for six years, I made good that promise, residing between two weeks and three months on the sunny isle of St Lucia. …


Thrifty Words Theme Challenge #18: Closure

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Our final thrifty word challenge of the year! Many thanks to all the writers who stepped up week after week with prose and poetry in fifty words exactly.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back on Monday — and there’s something new too; Jonica Bradley introduced a new 100-word challenge on New Year’s day.

Meanwhile, pretty much in order of receipt, here’s this week’s submissions.

Fred Ermlich relies on a source close to home

Terry Barr’s counting down the minutes to January 20th

GB Rogut wishes a ghost good luck

Closure remains elusive, thinks Stephen Dalton

Wistful writer calls on 2021 to heal our…


Ode to an apple-knocker

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You cannae accept you're a loser

Because you a total apple-knocker

A covidiot who caused untold pain and death

with this unnecessary coronapocalypse

Time to stop talking argie-bargie

on Twitter, and elsewhere

We don’t need your concession speech

Just leave and let those with a little attic salt

Find an argute way to free us

from the coronaporn apoptosis

you’ve led us into


Use the following ten words to write a poem. Or prose if you prefer.

  • attic salt: refined, incisive wit
  • argute: shrewd
  • argie-bargie: copious but meaningless talk or writing
  • apoptosis: the death of cells that occurs as a normal part of an organism’s growth or…


Thrifty Words Theme Challenge #18: Closure

Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Almost at the close of the most incredible and unexpected year I’ve ever experienced in nearly six decades on planet Earth.

I had to cancel plans close to my heart yet I didn’t fall apart. I caught the coronavirus infection, and lived to tell the tale…

I’ve watched in amazement as we humans stepped up to the challenge of facing down an unexpected pandemic as well as an explosion in racial tensions and extra-extraordinary political happenings in the US of A. How we’ve incorporated a new normal into our lives, and made living virtually online as natural as breathing.

What has it been like for you, this year of COVID-19? What do you think 2021 will bring? Something different, it is to be hoped. Less fear? Fewer dead? A vaccine/s to end the pandemic? Will incumbent 45 leave 1600 Pennsylvania Ave quietly, or have to be carried out? …


Time to duck the puns

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Photo by Ross Sokolovski on Unsplash

Is it because I’m Mrs. Scrooge

I won’t put out for a goose?

Or could it be the colour rouge

makes me feel mean like the Grinch?

But hey, it’s Chrismas, so at a pinch

Having a duck will be a cinch

Bring me your cheer, no Bah-Humbug

It’s love that’s for me the drug

Pour me a delicious, mulled-wine mug

This time of year I won’t be too smug

With this, my annual good cheer plug

Join in the fun! Take these ten words and run with them…

Poetry Salvage

Use these ten words to write a poem. …

Mainly in bed at night

Actor Matthew McConaughey at the 83rd Academy Awards / Photo: David Torcivia

Don’t tell his wife Camila, but Matthew McConaughey and I have been embroiled in a year-long chat-affair.

It all started when I signed up for a meditation app and discovered an array of sleep stories, one of which is read by actor Matthew McConaughey.

I listened in sleepy awe as he drawled about the many wonders of the universe, including “…rainbows reaching over canyons, jetstreams flowing over mountains, and in New Zealand, misty clouds gathering over beaches of black sand...

It was amazing to hear so many wonders of our planet listed this way; it made me feel grateful and glad to be alive. …


Marla Bishop

Londoner, philosophy graduate, journalist, relationship coach, wife & mother. MA in Novel Writing; working on 1st novel. Follow me: https://linktr.ee/Marla

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