This was not on my to-do list

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You know those days that don’t go to plan? I had one of those today.

I went out around 10 am for an 11 am hospital appointment, which all went well. …

That’s the reason I keep booking events to go to

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It all started when I went into hospital the third time in June. It was just before my 60th birthday and I felt it was important to mark the start of my seventh decade with something special. …

50/100 WORDS

Thrifty Word Roundup #37 & #58: Back-up Plan

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It’s always good to have a contingency plan, or so I was brought up to believe. Though in my experience, things rarely go to plan — A or B.

Still, it’s good to try. Currently, we’re having a new bathroom installed in our house. It’s something we’ve been planning for…

100/50 WORDS

Thrifty Word Challenge 100 #37 & 50 #58: Back-up Plan

Annie Spratt /

(Last week’s outtage is) “preview of what will happen if anyone tries to regulate Facebook. Zuck will shut everything down, fly into space with Elon, and create a new society on Mars.” – Chris Hedges, TBI editor

I panicked when I realised I couldn’t contact some people on WhatsApp on…

A poem

Sarah Everard/ Wikipedia

Whole of life sentence is justice

For your crime

Your misuse of power

Is beyond the defined

You handcuffed that poor woman

Knowing you had no right

You raped her then took her life

On that warm dark night

Perhaps this just judgement

will stop the next man wishing

to harm a woman

In memory of Sarah Everard.

Marla Bishop

Londoner, philosophy graduate, journalist, relationship coach, wife & mother. MA in Novel Writing; working on 1st novel. Follow me:

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